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To book any appointment

  1. Text us at 343-463-8787 and we'll book a TENTATIVE appointment time and date for you. In case of emergency, you may call us 613-836-8787 and press 1. PLEASE DO NOT PRESS 1 UNLESS YOU WOULD LIKE TO BOOK AN URGENT APPOINTMENT FOR YOUR PET WITHIN NEXT 4 HOURS. Urgent appointments cost more than the regular appointments. 


  2. Online form (mandatory) =

    Vaccine / Wellness consult (no medical queries covered) = $98

    Medical consult (When appointment needed more than 24 hours after form received & reviewed by us, except Saturdays) = $128

    Medical consult (When appointment needed less than 24 hours of form received & reviewed by us & any appointment on a Saturday = $185

    Prepayment of $56.50 goes towards your consult fee.

    Read cancellation policy at

    *If your pet has been seen at any other vet clinic, please call the previous clinic to have files sent over to us at*

    *Any questions about this process = please text back*

    *Please have your all of your questions ready prior to coming in for your appointment*

    *Please have your face mask on properly before entering the clinic premises*

    *All dogs should be on a leash / All cats must be in a secure carrier*

    *Please walk your dogs before coming in* 

    *Owners who would like to come in to a room for a non-vaccine consult may experience a delay if there is an emergency and the rooms are occupied*


  3. Once we receive, review and accept your form, we will text you from 343-463-8787 and CONFIRM the appointment time and date for you

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